Hello, I'm Ohad Ron

I'm making stuff in sunny Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

This includes: 💎 a daily bitcoin report, 🥁 a drum machine, 🚀 a game with triangles that shoot missiles, ⚽️ a world cup prediction game (with Elad Tayar), 🎲 a random thing generator (with Elad Tayar), 🎶 original score for the movie Paul (with Adam Bizanski), 🌛 a chrome extension that snoozes your tabs and 👾 various other experiments.

I'm currently working on 🏡Showdigs. Previously I worked on 🚙 Waze, 🚗 Waze Carpool and 🚕 Juno, among some other things.

I answer emails sent to ✉️ ohad@ohadron.com.

You can also find me on 🙄 Facebook, 🐦 Twitter, 📷 Instagram, 🤔 Quora, 💻 Stack Overflow, 🏃🏻 Strava, and 💼 LinkedIn.

Thanks for your time.